Toshio Suzuki,
Of Counsel

1971 B.A. in Law, Waseda University
1971 Joined Mitsubishi Corporation
2009 Registered as a lawyer
2020 Joined Aoyama Tokyo Law Offices

While working at Mitsubishi Corporation, Mr. Suzuki experienced a variety of operations for 29 years, including sales (7 years), legal (14 years, including 1 year experience working at a Los Angels law firm) and internal audits (8 years). 

This kind of experience has had a great impact on his work as a lawyer. In particular, as a member of the legal department of the corporation, he acquired broad English contract and negotiation skills through drafting and negotiating an extremely diverse kind of contracts in English due to the business characteristics of a general trading company.

Mr. Suzuki is currently a supervisory officer of a listed real estate investment trust and serving his clients as a legal advisor. Mr. Suzuki is a member of Daiichi-Tokyo Bar Association.